1 General

This user agreement (agreement) contains the terms and conditions for the KEHU service (service) maintained by the Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland (TRAL). Anyone who uses the service is regarded a service user (user). The service is open, so anyone can create a profile, save, send and receive compliments and create reports of the praise they have received. The service also includes a blog, which can be read without registration.

2 Changes to terms and conditions and service

The service provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Any essential changes to the terms and conditions are reported in the KEHU blog. The changes come into effect on a notified date. By continuing to use KEHU after the changes to the terms and conditions have taken effect, the user commits to conforming to the changed terms.

3 Content of the service

The service is a tool created to help individuals recognise their own skills and promote their career development, and it allows users to create a profile, save, receive and send praise and process their compliments and create reports. The service also includes a blog, which can be read without registration.

4 System requirements

Users need to have Internet access and a browser to use KEHU. Users are responsible for obtaining the necessary equipment and connections to operate KEHU and other technical systems required by the service as well as any costs involved.

5 User ID and passwords

All users register with KEHU using their own email address and their choice of password or their Facebook or Google account through the Auth0 service. Users are responsible for protecting their user ID and password. If there is reason to believe that a third party has acquired their user ID and password, the user must immediately contact The service provider also reserves the right to remove the access rights connected to the user ID and initiate at its discretion other necessary measures to limit damage.

A user is responsible for all activity as well as damages and costs for the service provider resulting from access by a third party to their user ID and password.

6 Service use and copyrights

The service is intended for personal use. Users must not hand over their access rights to a third party even temporarily.

Users have no right to reproduce or copy the service or the database it contains in any way, shape or form. Users have no right to collect sections of KEHU and establish their own service/material concept using them.

KEHU in its entirety, the material and the computer software it includes are considered works protected under Section 1 of the Copyright Act.

7 User responsibility

Users are responsible for giving the correct information for the service.

8 Service provider's responsibility

The service provider does not guarantee that the service is available without interruptions or that it is flawless.

The service provider is not responsible for service interruptions caused by, for example, maintenance work, technical faults or other equivalent reasons or any potential interruptions to data transfer connections or the Internet network.

The service provider is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by the operation or non-operation of the service.

The service operator is not responsible to users or third parties for any errors or defects of the service or for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use or interpretation of the information the service contains. The service provider is also not responsible for the applicability or suitability of the service for any specific purpose.

The service also contains links to websites not maintained by the service provider. The service provider does not control these sites and is in no way responsible for their content or lawfulness.

The service provider is not responsible for the content the users create. If a user is the victim of harassment or other inappropriate behaviour by another user, it must be reported without delay to the service provider at

9 Subcontractors

The service provider subcontracts Rebase Interactive to maintain and further develop the service. The subcontractors have the right to process all the information entered by the users into the service within the scope required by the maintenance and further development of the service.

10 Use of personal data

Users access the service using their personal email, Google or Facebook ID. The service provider processes customers' personal data in accordance with the data file and privacy protection legislation.